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    Dear Families and Parents of Students with Disabilities,

    During this time, there are some important things to remember. Any action taken by a local school system or school regarding closures are for the safety of all students and school personnel working with students. As school systems and schools are determining the most appropriate steps to ensure student and staff safety, we want to take this time to provide guidance relating to students with disabilities and their services. It is extremely important for families and schools to collaborate and communicate regarding services for students with disabilities. Child Find also extends to children who are parentally placed in private and home schools. Clinch County School System personnel are available to meet with representatives from private and home schools to inform them of the district's Child Find procedures and services that may be available under the proportionate share of federal special education funds.

    What will happen to my child’s services when school is cancelled for all students due to COVID-19?

    1. If a school closure causes educational services for all students to stop, then the school system is generally not required to provide services to the affected students eligible for special education services during that same period of time. 
    2. After an extended closure, school systems are responsible for reviewing how the closure impacted the delivery of special education and related services to students eligible for special education services.
    3. If annual IEP reviews or eligibility reviews are due during a school closure, please work with you child’s school to meet through alternate means such as video or audio conference calls, or as soon as school is back in session.

    Excerpt from GADOE, March 2020