• Reopening Plan 2023-2024

    The Clinch County School System presents a plan to reopen schools for the 2024 academic year. With this document, Clinch County School System intends to provide the information and guidance needed to help the community, families, students, and staff understand the aspects of the reopening and operation of system schools under current public health conditions.

    Clinch County School System’s reopening school plan proposes full in-person instruction, five days per week for the 2023-2024 school year.

    All programs and services offered by the System will be available to students and families. In addition, any students who may be quarantined due to COVID-19 or who must remain at home for any health-related reason during the 2023-2024 school year will have access to academic content for short term absences (approximately two weeks or less). Access to school curriculum and classroom activities will be through System provided technology including support for internet connectivity. Only if and when governmental authorities close schools or limit school operations, a combination of distance education and in-person instruction, or a Hybrid Model may be implemented in response to a universal, public health threat or condition.

    First Day of School for Students: Schools will reopen for the 2023-2024 school year on August 3, 2023 for students in grades Pre-K-12.

    The Clinch County School System will follow guidance from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), CDC, and Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE). The information below summarizes the steps we are taking to safely open school as scheduled.

    Open House & Parent Meetings:

    Schools will offer in-person open house and parent meetings and events throughout the year.


    Assemblies and large group gatherings are allowed.


    Schools will operate cafeteria without added restrictions.


    Important communication will be shared through the all-call system, social media, and system website


    Athletics will follow GHSA recommendations

    Extracurricular will follow DPH and DOE recommendations

    Field Trips:

    Field Trips are allowed

    Safe and Healthy Schools:

    Any student with a measured temperature of 100.4 or higher or any COVID-19

    symptoms should not be sent to school. They will be sent home if they come  to school with symptoms.

    All classrooms will be supplied with hand sanitizer and disinfectant

    Best practices for hand washing will be implemented

    Custodial staff will be provided disinfecting equipment and supplies


    Parents may opt to transport students

    Hand sanitizer will be available on buses

    Visitor Procedures:

    Visitors are allowed and must follow school procedures


    The Clinch County School System will follow DPH and DOE guidelines

2022 Graduation


    Back to School Creekbox Interview (8/16/21) 

    Creekbox Interview


    COVID Information:

    Just as we did last year, we will continue to monitor our COVID data in the school and community and continue to communicate with local medical professionals. 

    Parents can help us keep our schools safe by following the recommendations below:

    • Do NOT send your students to school if they are displaying signs of sickness. Make sure to send a note to the school if your child has been sick so the absence will be excused.
    • Talk to your doctor about COVID vaccinations. Vaccines are currently available for people aged 12 and older. If you have been fully vaccinated, you do not have to quarantine if you are identified as a close contact. Vaccines are available at both Clinch Memorial Hospital and the Clinch County Health Department without appointments.
    • Wear a mask. Masks are encouraged in schools. When worn properly, masks can help prevent the spread of COVID.
    • Wash hands frequently and watch your distance as much as possible. Hand sanitizer is available in all of the classrooms. Children should be reminded to wash their hands frequently and adhere to physical distancing as much as possible.
    • Ensure your emergency contact information is up-to-date with the school.
    • Call the school nurse if your child has tested positive or has been exposed to someone with COVID.

    We will adjust plans, procedures, and events as data dictates.  If you have any questions, we want to answer them. Please feel free to contact us at 912-487-5321.