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***** Important Information for Parents January 8, 2020 *******

Student safety is our number one priority.

Over Christmas break, we were made aware of a student alleging that substitute teacher Kevin McLaine made inappropriate contact to her. The investigation was turned over to law enforcement and the school system has fully cooperated in the investigation.  Mr. McLaine was arrested on Monday, January 6. He was immediately removed from our substitute list and will no longer be substituting in our schools.

We want all of our students to feel safe at school. Our students in grades Pre-K through 5 are taught “Good Touch/Bad Touch” lessons each year. You may want to remind your students of the five body safety rules of Good Touch/Bad Touch.

  1. You are Special – It’s my body
  2. Recognize the “uh-oh” feeling (unsafe, uncomfortable, butterflies in your stomach)
  3. Say no and get away
  4. Tell an adult you trust
  5. It’s never your fault

As required by law, any time a staff member has reason or cause to believe that suspected child abuse has occurred, the case is always reported to the Department of Family and Children Services. At that point, DFCS takes over the case. We always cooperate with DFCS and any law enforcement agency in child investigations.

We want to assure parents that our administration and staff remain diligent in maintaining a safe school – student safety is our highest priority. All of our employees, including substitutes, are required to have fingerprint and background checks.  Mr. McLaine was fully vetted prior to allowing him to substitute.  He was fingerprinted and had a criminal background check with the FBI and the State of Georgia.  No criminal history was found.   

Part of our ongoing efforts to assure school safety is to encourage students to report inappropriate behavior and we understand the allegations will concern anyone whose children might have had contact with Mr. McLaine.  We encourage you to talk with your children about the situation, and if they indicate anything inappropriate whatsoever, please contact the Clinch County Board of Education immediately at 912-487-5321 or Detective Smith of the Clinch County Sheriff’s Office at 912-487-5316.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for your children and will continue to keep you informed.