• Information for Parents & Students

    Note - June 7, 2021: We will provide updated guidance from the CDC and Georgia DPH prior to school starting in August. The information below is in regard to the school year that ended May 21, 2021.


    May 10, 2021: Updated Guidance from Georgia DPH regarding Quarantine Periods - Click here

    ANNOUCEMENT FOR PARENTS - April 19, 2021:

    As we are making plans for next school year, we want to let parents know that we are enrolling all students in face-to-face instruction beginning in August 2021. The virtual program that we currently offer will not be an option for next school year. If you have quesitons about next year's enrollment, please contact Ali Taylor at CCEMS or Becky Morgan at CCHS.


    March 24, 2021: Updated Guidance from Georgia DPH regarding Return to School After COVID-19 Illness or Exposure  - Click here


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    August 1, 2020


    When and how will we notify parents if there is a case of COVID-19?

    We are being very intentional about following the DPH and CDC’s guidance for notifying all direct contacts. As we have learned, careful contact tracing takes time. 

    Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of a person for 15 minutes or more. If a child is identified as a close contact, DPH guidance states that he/she should quarantine for 14 days from the last possible exposure and continue to monitor for symptoms.  Our practice will be to make personal calls to the parents of any child who is identified as a close contact at school.

    We will also send letters home with students if they shared a class with a person who tested positive but were NOT identified as a close contact. These students may continue to go to school and do NOT have to quarantine

    Our first priority will be to notify the close contact students. The letters of non-close contact students will be sent home no later than the following day.


    The following procedures have been developed after consulting with local medical professionals, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Education, the Governor’s office, area school systems, local teachers and parents. Guidance documents from the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics were also reviewed and considered. 

    General Operations

    1. Signage will be posted to communicate how to stop the spread of COVID-19. Signs explain symptoms, preventative measures, etc.
    2. Face coverings should be encouraged to be worn by everyone in the building when social distancing of 6 feet is not feasible. Clear shields will be provided to all employees.
    3. Non-essential visitors will be restricted to the office area.
    4. Employees should self-screen and self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to work and throughout the day.
    5. Digital thermometers will be made available throughout multiple areas of the schools.
    6. Isolate and send home students/staff is temperature is over 100.0.
    7. Parents will be reminded of the importance of screening their children each morning and to keep children home if they are sick or have a fever. Parents will be asked to report positive COVID-19 cases.
    8. Water fountains will be restricted. Students will be encouraged to bring water bottles. Coolers of water and disposable cups will be available in certain areas of the buildings.
    9. Staff will receive training on COVID-19.
    10. School nutrition staff will be screened daily and will wear masks and gloves daily.
    11. School nutrition services will use disposable plates and utensils when practical.
    12. Students and staff will be allowed to wear hats IF a shield is attached to it. No shield, no hat.
    13. Students will be limited in number in the restrooms.
    14. Sick students will be held in a separate area until they are able to be picked up by parents.
    15. Schools have established procedures for decreasing crowding in the hallways and common areas.
      •  CCEMS
        • Approximately one grade in cafeteria during lunchtimes
        • Changed hallway procedures for less crowding
        • Teachers switch classrooms instead of students
        • Additional self-contained classes in younger grades
        • Staggered recess times
        • Grab & Go breakfast in classrooms
        • Morning buses will unload one bus at a time
        • Staggered afternoon bus dismissals & car rider staging to allow for increased social distancing
      •  CCHS
        • Students report to classrooms instead of Commons in the mornings
        • Additional lunch period added
        • One way hallways directions
        • Additional exits for afternoon dismissals

     Enhanced Cleaning Services Provided by ABM

    1.  Classrooms will be disinfected using the Electro-Static mister at least weekly.
    2. Custodians and ABM staff will frequently wipe down common area high touch places at least daily.
    3. Additional cleaning hours have been added to the contract to allow for nightly wipe downs of desks and high touch areas in classrooms.
    4. Bathrooms will be disinfected at least twice daily
    5. Playground areas will be disinfected weekly.

    Classroom Guidance

    1. Students and staff should be separated as much as room space will allow.
    2. Desks will be arranged so that students are not facing each other as feasible.
    3. Teachers should monitor students for signs of illness each morning as they enter the classroom. Thermometers will be available throughout the building.
    4. Virtual parent meetings will be held when possible.
    5. Interior classroom doors should be open to promote better air flow and decrease touch of door handles.
    6. Teachers will be provided with cleaning disinfectant sprays.
    7. Smaller class sizes will be in place due to approximately 25-30% of students choosing virtual option.
    8. Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom.
    9. Nurses will provide lesson templates regarding COVID-19 to use with students.
    10. Hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day.
    11. Students will be discouraged from sharing items (pencils, Chromebooks, etc.)


    1. Parents are encouraged to transport students when feasible.
    2. Hand sanitizer will be available on all buses.
    3. Students will have assigned seats and will sit with family members when possible.
    4. Windows will be rolled down as practical to allow for increased ventilation when bus is in use and to air out the bus when it is not in use.
    5. All buses sanitized after morning AND afternoon drop offs.

    Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

    • The school system will work closely with DPH and/or local medical professionals on a case by case basis for any confirmed cases of COVID-19.
    • If a staff member tests positive, they should report that information to the principal or supervisor and follow the staff COVID-19 procedures.
    • Parents should alert the school if their child has tested positive for COVID-19.
    • If a child has potentially been exposed to a person with COVID-19, either in their classroom or on the school bus, a letter will be sent home to parents.

    Student absences related to COVID-19 (confirmed case of the student or live-in family member, quarantine due to close contact, having COVID symptoms, etc.) will be excused.



    Virtual Learning Update: 

    Students in grades K-2: - instruction and assignments will be provided by local educators.

    Students in grades 3-5: instruction and assignments will be provided through Odysseyware & supplemental platforms, with local educators available to answer questions.

    Students in grades 6-12: instruction and assignments will be provided through Edgenuity & supplemental platforms, with online support available through the Edgenuityprogram.

    All students enrolled in virtual learning will be expected to complete assignments in a timely manner and will be monitored for progress by a local educator. Supplemental assignments to support the learning standards may be assigned in addition to the Odysseyware or Edgenuity program.

    Click here to see information about our ENHANCED CLEANING program provided by ABM. 

    Please continue to check our system website parent page for frequent updates. 

  • MORE Q&A 

    • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, how will this affect the attendance policy? All COVID-19 absences will receive a special code and will be considered present.
    • If a teacher tests positive, will the entire class be required to quarantine? We are following Department of Public Health (DPH) guidelines and will work closely with DPH to identify close contacts. When we know of a positive COVID-19 test, we will notify parents if their child could have been exposed to a person with COVID-19. Not every case will require an entire class to be quarantined, but some may.  
    • Will there be teachers specifically assigned to virtual learning or will the traditional classroom teacher be responsible for both? Students in grades 3-12 will complete their courses on Odysseyware (or similar online Platform) and will not have a classroom teacher assigned to them. We are still determining the platform that will be used for K-2, which may be different from 3-12. To have a successful virtual learning experience, students will need to be self-motivated and have a supportive parent or adult at home to assist.
    • If we sign up for virtual, but then decide to send to school is that allowed? Once a student begins with virtual learning, they will have until August 21 to decide to return to traditional learning. After that, they are committed for the semester and may return in January.
    • Will I be required to sign a release of liability on COVID? We are not requiring parents to sign anything for students who choose traditional school. Parents who choose the virtual option may have to sign a virtual learning agreement (not related to COVID) that outlines the expectations of the student to be successful in the virtual learning environment (completing assignments by deadlines, 
    • If we do virtual learning, will the student be able to participate in graduation and prom? Students WILL be able to participate in graduation. Students will not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities or athletics or events like prom.