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Welcome to the Clinch County School System website. We hope you enjoy your stay here and findClinch county Students answers to questions you may have about our schools. Our district is located in Homerville, Georgia, just north of the Florida border. Our schools may be rural, but we offer top-notch education with programs and activities that allow students to excel and enjoy their school experience.

We know you'll love our schools. Spend some time browsing our site and getting to know more about us. If you have questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you.

A Special Message from our Superintendent

Thank you, Clinch County, for welcoming me to your wonderful community. It is hard to believe it is September! Employees of the Clinch County Board of Education have been back to work for four weeks, our students have been back to class for three weeks, and we are two weeks into our fall football season. I wish to publicly acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our Clinch County administrators, teachers, students, and staff to ensure my seamless transition as superintendent.

I met a good number of you my first sixty days on the job, and look forward to meeting the rest of you over the course of the next couple months. For those of you I have yet to meet, I prepared a brief introduction of myself: Donna D. Ryan.

How do I view my role as superintendent of Clinch County Schools? I look upon every day as an opportunity to grow every student, teacher, leader, and support staff member of our fine community! I wake each morning and ask myself, ‘What can I do today to support future graduates in Clinch County?’ Over the course of the next ten months, I look forward to outlining exactly how you can hold me accountable for the academic achievement of students, a culture of excellence for students and staff, and ultimately the overall climate of our system of public education.

What do I expect of you? If you are a member of our educational community (regardless of which position you hold in a child’s life), you represent a key element of their success. Without a formal strategic plan, you may be asking yourself what you should be doing to ensure you are charting the best course of action for the particular child(ren) you support. Today and every day thereafter, setting high expectations for yourself and your child(ren) should be your primary focus. Seldom does any leader, support staff, parent, or student exceed the level of their own expectation. Therefore, it is up to us to set the bar just outside of our students’ perception of plausible reach; then tailor our support to guide their personal climb. Confidence and persistence are the attributes of tomorrow’s successful graduates, and you serve as the key element in defining their long-term success.

Members of our community may be wondering what short- and long-term strategies I plan to use to ensure continuous improvement until we outline our comprehensive initiatives in the format of a Clinch County Three-Year Strategic Plan. I encourage you to learn more about the strategies I use to make short-term and long-term decisions in the absence of formal trend data.

If you have not taken an active role at your child’s education in the past, I encourage you to start. Check with your building administration to see how you can start making a difference in the lives of our children immediately. If you are already involved at the school level, but are looking for new ways to support students and staff at the system level, please consider serving as a committee member to formally serve our Clinch County School System. Feel free to learn more about how to support Clinch County Schools.


Donna Ryan

Donna Ryan

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