Clinch County – Where we pride ourselves in three schools, on two campuses, as one Panther nation!

This year we reorganized our leadership structure at the elementary and middle school levels. If you have a child attending school (PreK through grade 7), you will benefit from the direct support of an assistant principal at the elementary level (Ms. Jerrilynn Spivey) and the middle grades level (Mr. Jarred Hart). Congratulations to both Ms. Spivey and Mr. Hart on their promotions as they assume these critical leadership roles. They will both serve under Mr. Matt Kimbrell, principal leader for both campuses.

We are blessed to have Ms. Denise Brown (principal) and Mr. Trent Hatton (assistant principal) back at the helm for grades 8-12 on our Clinch County High School campus. We will enjoy the return of some teachers who stepped away for a year, embrace the shuffle of a few exceptional staff members between campuses, and welcome a few new faces to add to our Panther pride! Please take a moment to study the new faces that attended our orientation, so you can introduce yourself to them and help make them feel welcome.

2016-2017 New Employees

Our focus is sharp on instructional practice this year through a strong focus on standards-based practice. Our administrators, teachers, and support staff studied our data from the last two years to pinpoint targeted areas for improvement. You might be wondering what you can do at home to help. Here are three research-validated support strategies:

  1. Attendance
  2. Reading by Grade 3
  3. Real-World Applications

#1 Attendance
#2 Reading by Grade 3
#3 Real-World Applications
What's New
Georgia Milestones Assessment

The Georgia Milestones Assessment will soon begin for Clinch County students.  Read more >>>

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